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Hello all,  

First Blog (A1-Who Dares Wins Ltd ). 
also 3rd updated added to this June 2024 at the bottom .

Some important updates,  regarding the development , creation , policy implementation and Charity Editions work still to finish for completion including the adversity issues , some not all ! I overcame around this.  

I have/ had  created large areas of products for Charities already. These are on sale listed as Charity Editions. At this point However although I comply with the Shopify policies. I am still in the process of putting the policy together and arrangement of the charities in question.

The Charity sectors i've been looking at are around such areas detailed below which included elements of Mental Health within them and so many more areas as you can imagine. 

Serious Disease - Children and Young People 

Veterans Support -  Past and present 

County Lines Prevention 

The Homeless 

God. Jesus and all.  

This and so many others areas are still being completed due to all out hell to deal with. Hey , I'll be honest okay ! When others tried to wipe me off the face of the Earth and completely ruin me in every area of my life and so much more ?!

I don't tolerate that so naturally those types of activities and events do move you away from such areas and others 100% they did.  

So I don't give up on significant Positive Outcomes that are so close to my heart and so many others the World over. 

So a quick update there and looking forward to positive action planning and implementation for these Charities who really impact those in need with positive work both life changing contributions to our Societies to provide to those in need.

A1. Charities to link up link up with

B2. Policy to compete 

C3. Ready to Rock and Roll. 

I absolutely love that so much I do and the life changing possibilities available around these possible outcomes for those who really need this most.

If you read this thank you for taking the time to.

Oh and please don't buy the charity Edition Products until everything is in place. Which I'm sure won't take to long I would expect.

( Blog update once fully complete )  

Oh and please don't be - Malicious by creating an issue while i'm putting these in  place. Do I enjoy writing that ? No ! Just a reminder based on experience.  

All the Best

A1-Who Dares Wins Ltd  

30/10/23  Blog update. 2nd update 

Sadly , it's possibly looking like we may have to be operating for at least a 2 year period to achieve the aims around what A1- Who Dares Wins Ltd wanted to achieve for the charities ,None profit oragnisations in question. Again One email and a few calls this morning so far. 

So in due course I will remove the Charity Edition information of these collections and other descriptive ares if this is the case ?  Which is highly likely looking so pretty much.

Again please do not Purchase any Charity Edition Products until as stated already everything is legally and appropriately Confirmed. 


A1-Who Dares Wins 

2024 June 3rd update 

So relentless , issues not connect to the Charity plans but kinda are tbh .  I have  a source to enable Charity additions that can be  sort. I found this quite a while back enabling businesses to do such without the need to be operating for a two year term. 

however throughout my life , more so from 2007 and during  chaos I have and had many items that I wanted to auction of to Charity. Including Charity events I wanted to take part in but locked away . One of which a collages .  did manage which was great.

Basically Malicious persons abiding  a system and other stupid deprived groups . Steal or through huge spanner in the works taking me away from such, all the time. Already tde imaging a business with twisted shit before I even put this business together. Again with long term plans to go off to various areas and persons around such. 

But that aside Charity editions  A1 Who Dares Wins will come about when especially the likes of a Mental Health Vulnerable Adult Ring in the UK , when they stop targeting me in coward lil ways using and abusing all systems around them to create problematic area for me in areas let’s not discuss so much. 

so yes , these editions  will come about when I get away from a place they tried to hard to Murder me In the Property I’m currently in. 

There is a toned down blog on such and there will be 100s also of them the future . 

But  positives ! 

( I’m laughing at them about that  , being such little cowards  around that and their organised Crime links to such , including the deprived Amateurs on site they utilised for such a Shambles including my work historically some years back .

So yes , I’ll be getting on such , and look forward to giving back to in various areas rather than my own life continually , historically.

Just a little  update there and ya know wanted to destroy me  financially so much so I couldn’t even  support A sponsor  , child in another country .including other donations I make (small contributions to , but I continue to  🤘🏻

But , yet again clear examples of all out Malicious depraved wrong Un’s  to be honest who excuse my language , I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire .

So these charity editions will happen in the not so  distant future they will. 


#tee Hee 😆💯🙏









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