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The story Vigilantism continued and unfolds on Robert Bailey's birthday in May 2010, also known as 20X, in the picturesque setting of Gwynedd, North Wales at the top of Mt Snowdon. 

That day , I was training Talybont , outside Barmouth on a Giant XTC Hard Tail to Mt Snowdon and back down, thenhome Again , the usual!  in blind , no clue what was going into that day and just like always. On it as it occurs, unfolded regardless. 

It was a pivotal day for him, marking the second link to his death back in Thailand in December 2004, just before the South East Asian Tsunami . He left 12 days before that fateful morning  . Only 16 days Thailand that trip. Choke and Die on my own vomit assassination and to be covered up out there in Thailand . Just another tourist gone , not!  at the hands of predator coward shite club of fk ups.  

Robert had been involved in discussions at the Rise Club in Koh Lak, South Thailand, with Thai Organised crime where various removal options of high-profile individuals were deliberated, including tourists, significant figures, and even government officials. The tensions and risks associated with such activities were palpable, yet Robert remained alert and cautious Around what was said. All aspects very much so.including the potential to put in such a removal situation , drugs , prison could not be ruled out either. Declined such opportunities not being stupid and all.  

On that fateful day in Gwynedd, Robert embarked on a challenging mountain biking journey from Talybont to Mount Snowdon, symbolizing his resilience and determination. As he reached the summit, he encountered two young women, one of whom sparked a strange and confrontational conversation with him, hinting at his past involvements and connections one significant and key (SAS)  Only one I was interested in tbh. 

Subsequently, Robert observed the women's suspicious behavior and a potential identification of him to unknown individuals near the Mount Snowdon landmark. (Tactical Ops) Maintaining his composure, Robert tactically handled the situation, steering clear of unnecessary conflict while recognising the significance of the encounter in relation to his past experiences.

Despite the unsettling events, Robert remained focused on his mission to uncover the truth behind his planned deaths and the intricate web of connections stretching from Thailand to Gwynedd. His keen observation and strategic approach unveiled crucial links and insights, propelling him towards a deeper understanding of the mysteries surrounding his past and present challenges.

The story encapsulates themes of vigilance, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of truth in the face of danger and deception. Through his calculated actions and unwavering determination, Robert navigates through intricate circumstances, inching closer to unraveling the enigmatic forces at play in his life.

The narrative culminates with the unveiling of unique products encapsulating Robert's journey and the cryptic events surrounding him, inviting audiences to delve into the extraordinary tale of survival and revelation.

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Mount Snowdon: 53°4′6.59″N 4°4′34.43″W
Thailand 2004

Product Title:
MR39-7 My Planned Birthday Death or attempted done over Mt Snowdon 20X (SAS?!) Thailand 2004 04 my Death night Link Up There were more,  these where just two link ups. 

Available at with 10% off on all products, featuring real-life photos and events intricately connected to the captivating tale in Acrylic Wall Art Panels, T-Shirts , Hoodies and more.  

This intricately woven story showcases Robert Bailey's resilience, resourcefulness, and unwavering quest for truth amidst a backdrop of mystery and danger, captivating readers with its intriguing narrative and profound revelations.

Final thought on such ? 

Meg 👇🏻

My daughter , what about her ?  gone , lost. ♥️ you Yasmin , always , Your, father Mr39-7 

Forgiveness ?

Don't expect such along with the other muppets 100% 

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