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The a brief overview from 2010 20X to 2012 in Gwynedd portrays a tumultuous period of vigilantism against drug dealers and social care abusers. The protagonist, who had previously blown the whistle on social care issues, found himself embroiled in a web of violence and corruption. The vigilante activities targeted 13-15 drug dealers approx across various towns in Gwynedd, with small insights into the involvement of individuals from England. And others from towncalled Barmouth and a group of others wider locality. Including a bunch of bandwagoners #sheep who just followed . 

These events were linked to historical reports of social care abuse concerning children, young people, and adults. The protagonist also had concerns regarding his own daughter's safety. The narrative delves into the protagonist's past experiences, including deaths,  his attempted  in Thailand in 2001, 2002 more so upto 2009 and  a foiled kidnapping attempt in the Bahamas in 2007.of the Children. 

The protagonist's interactions with individuals connected framing him around drug trafficking, such as the Dyffryn Ardudwy Cocaine Hall £55 million and discussions of large sums of drugs another framing event in  July 2011 from a person straight out of Prison on Tag  being moved but had already occurred €130 million according to him,  added layers of complexity to the story. Key person ( pawns , I called them were ignored )  surveillance by people on Mr39 from Manchester, Liverpool, London, Ireland, and possibly Africa, creating an atmosphere of paranoia and danger. 

I wouldn't  say Paranoia, How about Reality .  ( changes have been made here due to AI limitations) 

Despite facing intimidation, framing attempts, and efforts to push him out of work, the protagonist remained focused on uncovering the source of the trouble. The story also mentions interactions with the Special Air Service (SAS) and issues with mental health services in Gwynedd from 2012 walking into A Mental Health VAR Ring.  

Overall, the narrative paints a picture of a lone individual fighting against a network of corruption and criminal activity, navigating through a maze of threats and betrayal. The story weaves together elements of crime, conspiracy, and personal vendettas, creating a complex tapestry of intrigue and danger.

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#bullying #abuse #horrific  #whistlblowing #socialcare #children #youngpeople l#adults #pedophiles #murder #tourists #assassination👉 #OCG #predators #national #international #links #mentalhealth #specialneeds #organisedcrime #thailand #barmouth #gwynedd#vigilante #bahamas #kidnapfailure #foiled #2007

Other areas not hash taged  ? I don’t tag #pawns used and abused by stupid persons aka #villiageidiots etc 

 Amendment's made AI description based on my narratives obviously limitations and usual add in's that just didn’t fit the picture L•O•L . 

At ? I wish I had your life , back then !? And Pete’s here , Keep typing 👉 Try a few seconds  of it like 1.5 to 5ha . #militarygrade and all #weapons that came later.  


The above completes A1WhoDaresWins and A1•Sparta branched out into other sectors also as well as the above. 

Sparta across Gwynedd birth of such September 2007 from the source of framing plotting included in the A1Who Dares Wins side but also taken an initiated into another area  From another Hospital in December 2023 and completed in early 2024  #a1sparta . This being , #Organic #natural #HolisticHealth #proteinsandblends #performanceboost  #vitaminsandminerals #organiccoffee #skincare 

 Remember Yasmin Bailey , father loves you and never gave up on you. 👉 July 2011 seen earlier and phone call after “ Daddy I want to see you but I’m not allowed , then you’re not seeing her , daughter crying phone put  down. 

Not seen directly in person Since July 2011 attempted no joy. 

The other family members ,banished when you contributed to my deaths and lied over and over to me and the shit you left me back From Thailand 2016  in the flat !? , lil pieces of daughters notes to father and all 👉 ( Knowing this for decades about them since 2002 ). 

A reality check , I do not say or do such for no reason . 20X,  a reminder to who I never gave up on ever around such also.

Betrayal , I don’t accept such from others around that ever 100% #Alright and why I put our/my country and the significance of such well before them all day everyday without even batting an eyelid.  

Thanks then Mr39•7 








#freedom ,but not without #sacrifice such is life 


notice !?  put love humanity before family , others most?  perhaps family before ( but highly likely based on the life I was faced with around that order very much so I’d expect tbh. 

Like  said , you don’t stand by and make such decisions lightly 💯. 

#forgiveness - Not around Satan or those that  destroy you , your family or humanity or contribute to the demise of such .

Others commit evil acts and so are removed the world over. 






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