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In 2004, amidst a backdrop of whistleblowing in Gwynedd 2002 prior , a fateful encounter unfolded in Khao Lak, Thailand. The protagonist found himself entangled in discussions of Thai Organized Crime and ways of eliminating significant figures, both within the country and internationally. This included a chilling proposition to sell a kilo of weed to tourists at a building site, and an outcome that could pan out if court,  a proposal swiftly declined. As events unfolded, the shadow of potential harm loomed, both from home in Barmouth and abroad in Thailand.

The evening took a dark turn so popping in Ex Special forces around early in the day conversations discussions around significant as the protagonist mysteriously passed out amidst a gathering at The Rise Club in Khao Lak. Awakening covered in thick, viscous vomit, a harrowing realization dawned - a close call with death by choking on his own vomit. A pivotal moment emerged when a key figure, known as "Choke," reassured him that he had been safely rolled over in his sleep to prevent a tragic end. 

With a keen sense of survival and foresight, the protagonist navigated the aftermath, holding onto certain knowledge closely guarded and staying vigilant. The blog "Who Dares Wins" became a platform to share this story of narrow escape and resilience against predators, both at home and abroad. The significance of past events, such as whistleblower actions in 2002 and the relationships that followed, cast a long shadow over the protagonist's journey.

Through reflections on close calls and dangerous liaisons, the tale of "The Choke Bar Encounter"  which then became the Rise Club at that location underscores the fragility of life amidst unseen threats. The protagonist's journey through Thailand in the early 2000s serves as a testament to resilience and the unyielding spirit embodied in the ethos of "Who Dares Wins." The story weaves together threads of survival, deception, and the enduring quest for truth in the face of adversity.

As the protagonist continues to navigate the complexities of past and present, the legacy of #1991mentality echoes through the narrative, a poignant reminder of the battles fought and the victories won in the shadows of uncertainty. The journey continues, with each chapter unraveling new insights and revelations, shaping a tale of survival and perseverance in the face of formidable odds.

A1 Who Dares Wins - where real-life events meet the courage to confront the darkest truths and emerge stronger in the light of day. #1991mentality #ChokeBar Encounter new location  #Riseclub #SurvivalInThailand #WhoDaresWins  #vomitdeathnot 

 Ai Story, mine far better , Just to add in the following:

Being aware of issues out there before with the predators of Barmouth. I knew going back to 2001 this could not be ruled out after Whistleblowing 2002 Social Care and 2003 out there including this last time there 2004  before taking a 2 year break.

It's also interesting around the conversations had that night and how no doubt breaking up  with the mother of our Child , could have been steered and directed on to such a path very much so.

Use of further insights years later and events said and done by all parties involved.

But then like I said I would keep  out the sickening  areas of the website as  I did off the rails reels on such already ffs.

 More importantly though , I focused on these loons in Gwynedd, Barmouth I left the Thai's out of it until around 2012. So they have  an 11 year (test period ) and  they l let me down in all areas around such.

So pretty evident why I addressed the issues connected to such and my removal very much so.

End  this blog  on , cheeky bastards yes #trust   @ '' 'Oh , we don't involve ourselves in other peoples issues 2008 '''

No issues with that person but overall the others not so. Again those 3 the circle walk 2001 and Choke yes then Barmouth, There we go then.

So back there 2006,2008,09 and 2016 absolute madness and Chaos.

Blogs on such later down the line,  only the key years  though. 

 This photo,  the image , The Rise club , to my knowledge they were not part of such that was the seated concrete area that I woke up on the next morning covered in thick Vomit all over me and the seated area super thick.

 Removal , systems with person with. it to cover up such , documents , Autopsy  and all. Yeah,  #mr397 hmmm. 

Such as the Significance of Internationals around Who Dares Wins and others yes , Panic roll overs back then. Second thoughts ands all.

Precision timing , mine. Should have been gone that night 100% like so many others. 

This event and more available at Tees , Hoodies , Acrylic Wall Art Panels and more. Mug , I been called one by a welsh guy ex Social care Colleague fresh of the plane with knife would  to my throat after finding what family left in my flat back from Thailand 2016

Like I said , I ain't a mug but I do sell them , can always put him o one to yeah, just teasing yes .  Photo comments are they possible lets find out. Another Acrylic Death Spot woke top there , next morning. 

Photo comments  hey ! I can always swap over. Got a photo of Choke , plenty also. Aright.  #mr397  Just Mr39 back then 2004.  If not , hey have a look under Acrylic wall art. 






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