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The seven brands based on the real-life events and activities of Robert Bailey are:

1. A1 4 A Reason: This brand represents Bailey's determination and ability to overcome obstacles and succeed in his mission. It symbolizes his unwavering commitment to victory, the consequences of errors, and the potential for death. Aka hence nobody past A1 I’d so he’d of been killed 100%• 

2. A1•Sparta: This brand incorporates Bailey's military war mentality, influenced by the famous story of the 300 Spartans. It represents his old school military mindset and his ability to take on any challenge.

3. Mr39-7: This brand holds significance for Bailey as it refers to the mathematical formula for his name, Robert Bailey, at the age of 39. It represents his resilience and the coincidences surrounding his planned death and subsequent events.

4. ID: Drawing inspiration from the Russian Special Forces (RSF) mentality, this brand symbolizes Bailey's ability to adapt and succeed in any situation. It incorporates elements of shock, awe, devastation, and military precision.

 7P: This acronym  stands for Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. It represents Bailey's meticulous planning and preparation to counteract the schemes, plots, and scams against him.

5 A1-Vigilante: This brand represents Bailey's role as a vigilante, taking matters into his own hands to address and counteract various threats and dangerous situations he encountered. It signifies his determination to fight against wrongdoings.
6. A1-Vigilante Sparta is a hybrid of the two in overdrive ( when at the highest levels shit gets and got really real. 

7. A1-Who Dares Wins: This brand pays tribute to the motto of the British Special Air Service (SAS), which stands for facing challenges head-on with courage and determination. It represents Bailey's fearless attitude and his ability to overcome adversity.

These brands reflect Bailey's unique skills and abilities acquired during his time in the military and incorporate them into his civilian life for maximum impact in his fight against corruption, crime, and other malicious activities at the highest levels both Nationally and Internationally. 

The 7 brands that are based around the real-life events and activities of Robert Bailey are:
Brief summaries these okay , others have no clue around the  kind of psychological , Physiological , Biological , Physical & mental requirements around imminent death preparation and the management of these and a whole load more. 
Special Forces and other high level trainers and security services will all have insight into the above. it separates the men from the men , not the men from the boys. 
They showcase his resilience, determination, and ability to overcome various threats and challenges including the full management of them and more. 
Anyone want to sign up to these events and activities ?, around going into activities and events knowing and accepting that you are not going to live through them but do them anyway and even more proud you do it Voluntary for £0.01ps yes.
A1 4 A Reason - Nobody past A1 so cheated to and then God arrived.
Extra lives ,no joke
Jesus Loves you -Amen  
Arnold Schwarzenegger most important rule - Give Something Back