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A brief overview of the apparel . Clothing etc associated with the following , on a T-Shirt titled. 

 Telford & Wrekin,  My Home from 2018 • 

On all 7 Brands . Many areas  and the  complexities of such?! Not included here . 

The story revolves around Robert Bailey, a former military member and whistleblower on social care issues. Since his birthday in 2017, more from 2018 identified . he has been targeted for removal at his property, a block of 4 flats. The attempts on his life have been ongoing, with various groups involved, including a Mental Health Vulnerable Adult Ring, elements of social housing, and residents in the vicinity angling with other areas. 

The plot thickens as it is discovered that there are extensive links to organized crime groups targeting vulnerable individuals in housing and other sectors. Despite constant access to the property and numerous failed plans to eliminate him, Robert Bailey, also known as Mr39•7, proves to be resilient as usual.

 This forms  just 1 part at 1 property of a mass amount of events on a national and international level during 2001-2024 which resulted in not dying. hence this  Blog. 

My Life , My Deaths , Their Plans , Failed.  

The narrative delves into the various methods and strategies employed to harm Robert Bailey, only to have each plan thwarted. Embracing his vigilante persona under the motto A1 "Who Dares Wins," Robert Bailey fights back against those who seeked  to harm him. The story is highlighted by the symbolic T-Shirt with the phrase "My home, Telford and Wrekin," adorned with hashtags like #A1WhoDaresWinsWins, reflecting Robert Bailey's determination to survive and seek justice.

 The Complete Brands A1•WDW•RSF(ID)• SPARTA•VIGILANTE•Mr39-7 is broken down into 7 areas . 

 My Home 2017-2024  Still at the property and planning to move soon. 

Again, What happens ~? when the amateurs,  rolled on in for the taking and you utilised them for such a shambles. 


Nut job aside , don’t pet the lion humour , not including these absolute goon - less got fk all wrong un’s. 

Later on after 2018 up to 2023 high profile threats have also been addressed including elements of terrorism links , and other High profile issues from many countries in this country for myself.

That was here and from walking out the fking door and at times where ever I went .

water runs , after work , anywhere I went and through night , like  the saying goes  ( Night after Night ) day after day also 😆💯 no foot of the breaks. 

So plain to see why I gave no fks at all about a bunch of dosser civilian fk ups , quite obvious that one. That aside , here with delusional ideas and here moved on n for such a purpose..  

2020 a visit x2 lil plot here brothers !? Telford , Brikenhead, from Barmouth , came to create serious issues 2020 and bringing others issues my way yet again !

(  on such , if others want to kill you for what ever , you accept that ! you do not bring them my way because you can’t cope with such 100% ) 

 Into 2023 and some of 2024 again the MH on that to hobbies Martial Arts. 

including MH  staff here , are you felling Suicidal and all there shite - Soon pissed all over that , lil shocked they were. 

👉Just be then , fruit loops dipped in couldn’t

kill flies around shit. buy #tee  want a  #hoodie 

 ha ! 

Me , I minded my business , worked on myself .smashing  my goals . Kept away from fk ups But I had to manage all the goon abuse shite also. 

#trust , the plan was to move away from fk ups yes ? 

repetition always full circle ⭕️ and under the dagger you go always • 












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