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part one of the 3 year Hergest MH VAR journey. 

Escape from the Abyss: Surviving Mental Health Abuse and Conspiracies blog provides insights behind the products of those specifics areas and events . 

Of course.  the overall goal in to contribute , change and stop such . Charity edition plans in planning very much so into the future. 

During the tumultuous period from June 2012 to January 8th, 2014, a saga unfolded as I grappled with a series of harrowing events that tested my resilience. This journey began way back with a whistleblowing episode 2002 Gwynedd, including and accumulation of events , internationally / nationally from 2001, branching out into my work Colwyn Bay, 2012 intertwining with my work and historical encounters, including the disturbing 2004 events in Thailand and the second Mt Snowdon 20X on my Birthday and this hospital. 

Amidst relentless victimization and sickening behavior, I found myself thrust into the confines of Hergest, a Mental Health Vulnerable Adult abuse ring in Gwynedd. As I navigated through this dark labyrinth of deceit and manipulation, the hospital's sinister motives to diagnose and discredit my experiences, while fabricating reports, became apparent.

The manipulative tactics employed against me, the inappropriate treatments, and the fabrication of reports heightened my sense of entrapment. Despite attempts to institutionalize me, I resisted, challenging their deceit at every turn.

Facing tribunals and coercive measures, I stood my ground, exposing the institutionalized abuse and malpractice within the system. The relentless psychological torture and false narratives perpetuated by the staff pushed me to the brink, leading to a daring escape from the hospital.

My escape, marked by vigilance and strategic planning, culminated in a daring evasion from their clutches, evading capture and seeking refuge in various locations. The relentless pursuit by authorities and the Mental Health system painted a chilling portrait of manipulation, murder and  control.

The journey of survival continued, with moments of courage and defiance amidst the pervasive threats and intimidation. While in the throes of chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged through resilience and strategic evasion tactics, culminating in a temporary respite.

As I ventured abroad, fleeing the oppressive forces that sought to silence me, the battle for truth and justice persisted. The intricate web of deceit and betrayal unraveled, leading me on a path of self-discovery and resilience against all odds.

In this riveting tale of survival and defiance, the echoes of past trauma intertwined with present challenges, forging a narrative of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. 

£0.01p #voluntary#june2012 #perhapsnother2012 #2013 #godsavehermajesty #queenelizabethii #amen like my FB 2011 #Gwynedd I said I will let Him , the Right Honourable David Cameron Prime Minister , now a Lord deal with you , While I #mr397deal with the others.  

That was the drug end of things Gwynedd areas specific persons  yes the little snakes etc  it was. 13-15 nobodies , and a few other loons also,  nobodies.  

Being honest #aright 













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